5 Banking Tools All College Students Need


It’s that time of year again, soon the leaves will start changing and kids will head off to school. For some that means leaving home for the first time to embark on the adventure that is college. There is a lot to think about when you or your child are looking to head off to college for the first time. Two big questions are: “Where should I bank?” And “What banking services do I need?”

Let us help you by narrowing it down to Five Banking Products All College Students Need:

  1. Free Reward Checking -- Being a college student usually means money is a little tight, with a free reward checking account you can make your money work for you, no matter how much of it you have! Our BIG DEAL Cash Back account lets you earn 3% cash back* on ALL debit card purchase up to $300 a month. That’s an extra $108 per year in your bank account!
  2. Automatic ATM fee refunds – Is there anything more frustrating than having to pay a fee to access your own money? Another benefit of our BIG DEAL accounts is that we automatically reimburse ATM fees- up to $20 a month.
  3. Online & Mobile Banking -- When you’re busy running to classes and doing homework you don’t want to worry about not knowing exactly what’s in your bank account. With FREE online and mobile banking it’s as simple as looking at your phone to check your bank balance and keep up on transactions coming out of your account.
  4. Mobile Deposit – “You have to open a bank account in your college town, so when if you get paper checks you have a place to deposit them” is a myth! Deposit your checks as soon as the birthday cards, care package or paycheck arrives with free Mobile Deposit. It’s quick, secure and literally can be done while still standing in the college mailroom.
  5. Debit Card -- With a debit card you won’t have to worry about have large amounts of cash stuffed under your mattress. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that Shazam is working around the clock to monitor your debit card to protect you from fraud.

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Becky Kadinger
Customer Service Representative


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